Our Security Station provides the solution to sub-Saharan Africa’s’ unique environmental and logistic challenges and constraints.

Virtual Police Station Modular Police Station

Containerized, it is quickly deployable in temporary or permanent locations, is completely self-sufficient in power and connectivity. It is transportable and easily scalable as compared to traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ facilities.

The entry level Modular Police Post is made of Eight (8) customized 20ft container Modules, and is expandable in batches of two (2) Modules at a time.


Houses REPORTING and OCS OFFICE all fully equipped to digitally handle reports, arrests, Biometric data, and communications nationwide.


Properly provisioned housing for a minimum of Ten (10) officers, sharing two per room. Accommodation units have power, inbuilt beds, cupboards and adjacent shared Toilet, Shower and kitchen facilities. Also includes a fully provisioned house for the Officer Commanding Station (OCS)


Secure separate cells for Juveniles, Females and Males. Each cell has inbuilt toilet facilities and power.


Highly secured and armory fully equipped to handle firearm, Munitions and Protective gear.


The station is self-sufficient in Power and Connectivity. Solar Power runs the station 24 hours a day 365 days year round. VPN Connectivity via dual GSM operators for primary and redundancy.


The external / outside facing walls are ballistic protected with Steel plates to stop up-to AK 47 rounds. The station is built in a Wagon Fort shape with a single entry point to offer protection from external attack.