Virtual Police Station is an innovative technology product designed and built for use by the police to run their daily functions.

It is an Ecosystem consisting of Infrastructure and Software deployed as plug and play to automate entire police operations.

Built with Intelligence led policing in mind, it enables digital capture of Occurrence reports, Traffic, Arrests, Evidence and Armoury among others.

VPS enhances multi-agency cooperation and fast tracking of the investigative process by quickly analyzing data in real time, assisting security agents to be in the loop wherever and whenever and enhancing their service delivery.

VPS Is available In 2 Platforms:



  1. Multi Agency Collaboration: Enables automated, authorized collaboration between security agencies
  2. Infrastructure - Highly adaptable, able to securely run on existing infrastructure.
  3. Immediate Deployment - Plug and play capability, ready for immediately rollout.
  4. Remote Access - Ability to work in remote areas by leveraging our off line capability.
  5. Secure & Digital - Digitizes and automates all processes of the police with very secure access.
  6. Rugged & Mobile construction - Suitable for use in all terrains and weather conditions.
  7. Integration - Architecture that allows seamless secure integration with ISE and existing systems.
  8. Public Interaction - Fosters interaction between the public and the police
  9. Analytics - Real time information 24/7 .
  10. Ease of use - Customizable intuitive layout, making easy to use, while enhancing work experience.